Have you been injured in a bus accident? Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you been injured in a bus accident?

Many people depend heavily on bus transportation to get them to and from work and to care for their needs each and every day. In urban areas especially, people have chosen not to even own a car because of high gas and parking costs, so safe and quality public transportation is crucial. Roads are clogged with traffic, and commuters can leave that stress and worry behind by taking the bus. Others depend on buses for long-range and group transportation needs. Countless school children rely on bus transportation to get to school and back safely. A bus driver should be well-trained, diligent, and respectful of other drivers on the road and the passengers on the bus, and when he or she fails at this duty, it can lead to accidents. If you have been injured in such an accident, a personal injury lawyer stands ready to help you. More information on this website

Both public and private bus companies must hire safe drivers and train them well before putting them behind the wheel of such large and powerful vehicles. If they fail at this duty, they can be held responsible for a rash of ensuing liability issues. Drivers themselves put everyone on the road at risk when they:bus accident attorneys - personal injury lawyers

Lack proper training, experience or temperament
Drink alcohol before or on duty
Drive under the influence of drugs
Do not receive proper rest or pull long/double shifts
Are distracted by passengers, cell phones, radio, and other factors
Are negligent in strictly following traffic laws

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