Injury Suits Against the Federal, State and Local Governments

You may only bring suit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State and Local Governments under the Political Sub Division Tort Claims Act. This Act is very specific and has specific categories under which you may overcome sovereign immunity (the right of the government to be immune from suit). There are specific notice requirements and limitations in that Act that weigh strongly against a client hesitating seeking representation.

Attorney Vivian has litigated successfully against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and numerous local governments involving injuries occasioned by the conduct of the government. Injury suits involving the Federal Government are subject to the Federal Tort Claims Act, and again, are very technical in terms of notice requirements and process. Time limitations are crucial in any suit to be brought against the Government. There is absolutely no substitute for experience in suits brought against the Government, and if you were injured on Government property or as a result of any interaction with Government employees you should schedule a consultation at once in order to protect your rights.