Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents – Personal Injury Cases

Motorcycle and Bicycle accident are also very technical areas under the law in terms of pursuing a suit. What may appear to be a simple accident in terms of a motorcycle or bicycle is not always on its face a matter of simplicity in the legal arena. Motorcycle accidents, in particular, need to be explored not only from a liability aspect of operation of the vehicle, but areas such as conspicuity, lack of side leg guard protection, and other complex areas must be analyzed in serious injury cases involving motorcycle accidents.

motorcycle accident attorneys

An accident with a motorcycle. traffic accidents with skid marks on road.

The construction of a bicycle or motorcycle, and an analysis of the cycle from a product liability standpoint is oftentimes warranted in dealing with cycle accidents. Occasionally, helmets must be examined in the area of head injuries occasioned in a motorcycle and/or bicycle accident. In addition, investigation concerning the maintenance of the vehicle by the dealer or shop in question is also warranted. If you were injured as a result of a motorcycle or bicycle accident, you should consult with an attorney immediately in order to preserve your rights.