Trucking Related Accidents

The attorney you select to handle any accident involving serious injury up to and including death from an accident involving a commercial trucking vehicle bears direct relationship to proper recompense from the trucking company and their insurer. A motor vehicle accident involving an over the road or commercial carrier is a specific and complex legal matter.

Familiarity with hours of services rules, trucking regulations, and a complete knowledge of the communication procedures within the trucking industry is imperative as a starting point to properly represent a client who has been injured as a result of a trucking related accident.

A complete knowledge of these regulations and the complexities of discovery cannot be understated in the handling of such a matter. Admin has represented numerous clients in death cases occasioned by trucking accidents along with very seriously injured clients, who suffered injuries though the improper and illegal actions of commercial truck operators and their owners. You should entrust any potential case involving a truck related accident only to an attorney who is experienced with such matters.

The trucking industry is expert at handling these types of claims, and in fact the trucking interests and their insurers will have their investigators and other personnel present shortly after such a major accident and will begin to gather evidence likely before you even consult with an attorney. Your only defense against their early building of a defense is to consult with an attorney as early in the process as you are able. Do not hesitate….schedule an appointment with an experienced trial attorney who can pursue your rights against these defendants.